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NY Artsmagazine Eleven Ways To Think About Boullet: A Review in Real Time by Iddish Bing / html
ArtForum Yellow Pong Monger by Caroline Hancock
Kunstkritikk Fragmenter av en glemt modernist- TOR HOFF av Ingvild Krogvig (Norwegian)
Mousse blog. 4-9-2012
Dr Jacobsen by Catherine Wagley
Halvor Rønning, Oslo 01.03.2011 NEW REALNESS(English)
Halvor Rønning, Oslo 01.03.2011 NEW REALNESS(Norwegian)
Cataloguemagazine by Damien Airault
Kaleidoscope / The ISH by Valerio del Baglivo
Art review Brooding Parasite Feeding Week By Chris Sharp
Billedkunst by Nina Sundbeck-Arnäs Kaasa (Norwegian)
Social Hypocrite av Nina Toft - 17.06.2007 (Norwegian)
a Joyful Confusion av Nina Toft - 17.06.2007 (Norwegian)
Absurdum by Robert Meyer (written 2002, a look back into…)

Other pdfs / debris
Card for Dog show in London 2013
Mutter signed DG card. Collection EVB
Tor Hoff Flyer for Henie Onstad Kunstsenter
Poster 1 from - He is an Idiot / Cairo
Kronos Poster by Hey Ho 2012
Kronos Flyer for London Launch 29 june 2012
Monger DPS for Fanzine - Pussy Roit - Paris 2012
MORPION DPS Single PAGE was made for Witnas issue 7 - 2012
Postcard for SCREW THE ETHICS? Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway - 2006

some texts for / from shows 2012/2013
Conceptual Disappointment - Essay by Victor Boullet 2013
Das Official Press Release -Das Poppycock Talent (extract) 2013
Das Mutter poem by Victor Boullet
NeoCampari by Stian Gabrielsen for Moder Matter ( 2013
Yellow Pong Monger A2 poster (Merci - Stian Gabrielsen)- Galerie Joseph Tang Paris 2012
Tor Hoff (1925 - 1976) with Per Hovdenakk / Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway
Inventory List Saturn the Flamingo Oslo 2012
Saturn the Flamingo / NoPlace Oslo 2012 (teaser)
Thou Adidas Monger 2012
Kronos Index for ESTATE OF 2012
Kronos text for Antenne Publishing (London) 2012
Emails sent to Joseph Tang from the 2nd January 2012
Anstruther Scotland A2 A3 A4 – Galerie Joseph Tang Paris 2012
Bonus – Shanaynay Paris December 2011

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18 october 20:30 Kurant TROMS NORWAY (NORTHNORTH FAR AWAY, WHY?)
and yet again another web site

victor boullet


18 october 20:30 Kurant TROMS NORWAY (NORTHNORTH FAR AWAY, WHY?)
and yet again another web site

NO_SEX_NO_FACE_NO_NOSE_VICTOR_BOULLET.pdf - click to read, easier then the stupid image below! PDF PDF

NoSEX litho 70X50cm- 2014 by V Boullet


by Victor Boullet
with special guest Stian Gabrielsen (poster to come!)



needed Images promotion.tion.rion PDF PDF
Victor Boullet


victor boullet

so clever me me me me

26JULY Amsterdam

ETCAMA: The Problem of Everything
21 June–1 August, 2013

Bernadette Corporation
Nicolas Borel
Victor Boullet
Elis Eriksson
Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff
Ilja Karilampi
Milieu Service
Nora Schultz
Tore Wallert
Lawrence Weiner

victor boullet victor boullet Victor Boullet


Private Room PARIS 24 - 28 June 2013 PP??-PPP- http://publicpolemicpractice.comPPP
For all the info click
hereNEO CAMPARI http://neocampari.com

COLE GALLERY! London June 2013 (download card here)

Instructions for The Mediterranean Dog / ALEX ROSS

Please gather all the art from both floors of the show to the centre and as close as possible the the main entrance door of the gallery and cover it all with green tarpaulin bought from a DIY shop (if they don’t have green, please get blue) no gaps, no openings. Place the post cards that you’ll receive from Alex in the post next to the covered art, just simply straight on to the floor, one / two piles. (I need about 30 cards to be sent to Paris as well)
Please put the attached photo (caption in top left corner, left in green) from Alex’s flat in Vienna onto your homepage as the main image, if there is a problem with the portrait format, just turn it CC/W and leave it sideways. Also, use this email as the text for the page of the show, and print this email as received, dates, addresses and with the photo below, and simply tape it onto the inside of your front door / window facing outwards, find a good spot. (Please use the upside down text for all electronic / printed gallery invitations / information, if you lose the green / red colour on FB etc, no problem) date in red, my name crossed out, TWAT in capital letters) I / we will also need documentation of the show / window etc. Thank you so much. I might be in London, if so I’ll pop by!

and, Alex Ross will not attend the vernissage / opening for his show.

Victor Boullet

Noplace invite
24 Spaces – A Cacophony at
Malmö Konsthall
4.5. – 18.8.2013
Opening: Friday May 3, 5-9 p.m.

Two weeks later, the day after the opening I walked into the show within the show with Louis and Victor (bouillon). They were talking seconds before but suddenly their mouths laced up and they embraced the context as a quiet church. They took a quick round and swiftly noted a handful of works that were worth the while (short), then returned to their own works and started pondering over their existential value or the deliberate absence of such bullshit. Louis, the young and talented fool was mentally circling around the materiality of his sculpture, there! dropping on the wall, over the wall, like an overly controlled dose of spoiled extravagance, shiny darkly. Victor, who came about more composed and not as sophomorically hung over from FOMO than his minion, took a quick glance at his floor sculpture; five or six or eight self-portraits of himself as a gipsy, drawn with crayon in a rush, piled up and placed in two thin plastic bags from a French photo lab. In a split second of aggressive whateverness he grabbed the plastic bags (the artwork) and ripped them off the floor in one single nihilistic joyful gesture. There! The guards stood by and watched with the obvious expression of wanting more, clearly understanding the whole set-up as some performance of aftermath as well as fighting their instinctive urge to take action in what could also be an act of vandalisation from some well-dressed maniac. There! We left the space with the strong sensation of having nailed something with needles the size of our chest hair.


missing image!
Victor Boullet
(B. Oslo 1969)
Stolen banner

Victor Boullet
(B. Oslo 1969)
L’Homme qui Marche I - 2013
(B/W photograph / Tsingtao beer box / Dust / Tape /
Wax table cloth / Table / Size variable)

VestFossen Art Museum
Norway 2013

Victor Boullet
(B. Oslo 1969)
L’Homme qui Marche I - 2013
(B/W photograph / Tsingtao beer box / Dust / Tape /
Wax table cloth / Table / Size variable)

Courtesy the Artist

This is an hypocritical parasitic artwork given to Morten Viskum for his show 1986 - 2013 / En kunstner som samler kunst.
The piece did not belong to the collection while he was planning the exhibition, in fact I waited until the exhibition catalogue was printed and then I forced the piece in. A collector can rarely say no. The Trojan horse concept is put into action.
L’Homme qui Marche I has not yet been catalogued as an existing work that belongs to Viskum’s art collection. In other words the work becomes a bastard and it belongs to no one. And I might claim the work back when his show is over. Why give him a piece? Why should he own my work?

Victor Boullet
April, Paris. 2013

Victor Boullet
(B. Oslo 1969)
L’Homme qui Marche I - 2013
(B/W photograph / Tsingtao beer box / Dust / Tape /
Wax table cloth / Table / Size variable)

Neo Campari (Paris)
Project Room
2 April - 3 May 2013

L’Homme qui Marche I
by Victor Boullet


Das Poppycock Talent
By Victor Boullet

37, Rue des Archives 75004 PARIS

Monday 22 April - Saturday 27 April
09:00 - 20:00



Victor Boullet
UTTER / Eet Fuk Explorer 2013 80 X 120 CM
Wax Table Cloth / Marker pen / Laser printed paper / Tape


Victor Boullet
A S / Eet Fuk Explorer 2013 80 X 120 CM
Wax Table Cloth / Marker pen / Laser printed paper / Tap

Neo Campari / thanks James

Das Offical Press Release buy, buy here, here, here 2013

Neo Campari (iaM tHat
Modern Matter / London 14pp - upside down, sorry, this will be look at asap!)
Text Stian Gabrielsen

Gallery Kamm, Berlin – Vernissage Friday, 1 February 2013, 6pm - 9pm 2 - 23 February 2013

The Institute of Social Hypocrisy Berlin Flag, Hand Stitched Satin, 70 X 100cm - Ream of headedpaper 2009

My Puppy Dog # 9 (Hommage to Carl Nesjar) 2012

Self Portrait as a working man - Looped DVD, 02:07, 2012

Victor Boullet - (digressions) Cock The Hammer / Performance - Lecture - KUNSTHALLE EXNERGASSE WUK, WIEN - 19:00 - 16 November 2012 ...... info

Copyright: Bildnachweis / image credit: Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Yellow Pong Monger by Victor Boullet - opening 13:00 - 3rd November > 15 december - Galerie Joseph Tang (PARIS)

Joseph Tang <info@>
To: Victor Boullet <w>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 11:18:28 +0100
Subject: Galerie

Hey, Victor

I'm back.
We'll have a talk about the fair soon.
In the mean time,
the gallery is smelling very bad. A few more days will be unbearable. The ramens are rotting and water continues to leak..
and we still have a month to go.
The dumplings are moldy but bearable.

Can we change the ramen to just dry ramen? Otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep it like this,
much less able to have people visit....

I open the windows for now, but it's cold after a while...

Let me know



The book The Institute of Social Hypocrisy 2009 - 2011 - you can buy it here!

Thou Adidas Monger / 09.11.12—11.11.12 ARTISSIMMA 19-Hall Violet / Booth N°13 - Victor Boullet Solo Presentation - Turin, Italy - LA STAMPA

Victor Boullet - My Puppy Dog #8 (an homage to Carl Nesjar) 2012

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Oslo 4th October 2012 / Performance / Lecture - TOR HOFF (1925 - 76)

Saturn the Flamingo - NoPlace Oslo 2012

Time is the Assasin by Victor Boullet Ghostwritten by Kristian Skylstad 2012 – 96 Pp-14 x 21 cm-Softcover B / W Offset-Edition 1000-ISBN: 978 - 1 - 908806 - 02 - 4

Estate Of - KRONOS by VICTOR BOULLET - 132 PP - 21X28 cm / Softcover - Colour Offset - Edition of 1000 - 2012 - ISBN 978-1-908806-01-7 - More here

Anstruther Scotland 2012 Galerie Joseph Tang (PARIS)

Practical Sculpture (Anstruther) 2011 (Paris)

Bonus - Victor Boullet - Shanaynay Paris

The Institute of Social Hypocrisy 16 May 2009 – 16 May 2011
Here are just some image from the ISH, more to come at some point in time.

Victor Boullet
for more visuals go go go here and there!
here you, you - here you find everything
www.hallsofjusticepaintedgreen here you, you - here you find everything!
or here and this OR time is the assassin OR KRONOS


support this man please - I do just by giving him some work. easy!

____________________________________kashødiouasiouIFBØdisof __________________ioiyoå8otuitp7it


BIO / CV – 2012 as pdf, extracts, I update it when possible. workworkwork
Can be contact by email use this one / victorvictorboulletboullet @ gmail .com
This site / page Work from 2000 - 2011 was made as a manic archive to get away from what was done. The same goes with this next link,(funnylink with nothing realy, nothing to watch anyway)some vid's that has been made over the years, blah blah. And yet another link where you can find I am not sure, that was a link with friends www, boring, I have no friends, I am that Gypsy Hypocrite.
And The Institute of Social Hypocrisy 2009 - 2011 / there is more stuff as well, somewhere. Beware of the players. Competition. Snobs and yourself. blah blah.

______ v__________________vdwrgaer____________

Tor Hoff (1925 - 1976)

April 19th 1976, Huitfeldts gate 17, Oslo, the artist Tor Hoff took a hammer and brutally killed his partner. He then sat himself down on a chair at their table and wrote his will, his paintings were the first thing to be mentioned, they must be taken care of. He then signed it, TOR HOFF in large, clear letters, his final pencil marks.
Then he climbed onto their window-sill and jumped eight floors down to his death.

How should one view paintings, drawings and poetry produced by a man who can also commit murder and suicide? Is our understanding of Tor Hoff’s legacy and his story, influenced by our ethics and morals?

I have invited former director of Henie Onstad Kunstsenter,
Per Hovdenakk, to talk about the art and life of Tor Hoff.
Victor Boullet
Paris 2012

Time is the Assassine by Victor Boullet 2012
Ghostwritten by Kristian Skylstad
Design by He is an idiot / Cairo
96 Pages
14 x 21 cm
B / W Offset
Edition of 1000
ISBN: 978 - 1 - 908806 - 02 - 4

Victor Boullet's new book Time is the Assassin takes the form of an autobiographical novel, ghostwritten by Kristian Skylstad. The story follows Victor, his two brothers, and two of their friends on a night out in the neighborhood were Victor grew up (and Skylstad too, as chance would have it.) Time is the Assassin is narrated chiefly in the form of a dialog between the five of them, interspersed with flashbacks to Victor's past and the increasingly perverse and surreal events of their intoxicated night as it unfolds, out of Victor's hands.

Autobiographical truth and the presumed consistency of Victor's self gradually unravels as it merges with Skylstad's attempts at expanding the reflective operations of his character across an insurmountable array of topics and references, abandoning the concept of autobiography in favour of a furious, interpretative, projective and wildly schizophrenic prose-exposition of the narrative's central character, Victor Boullet.

The text feels written with the sadistic glee of a ghostwriter that knows his subject is bound by contract to accept his version as final. Sophisticated montage technique is conflated with shameless plagiarism and downright theft. The facts that constitute the autobiographical part of this book are only a point of departure for a foray into the confused and tormented psyche of... well, that's hard to tell. Wether unwitting victim or self-abasing man-in-control, Victor Boullet emerges from the ruins of this narrative certainly not unscathed, and assuredly not whole.

Which were the best exhibitions, events and publications in 2012? In Kunstkritikks Calendar Kunstkritikks own writers and invited guests summarize the arts year 2012. The twenty-first in the series is Kunstkritikks editor Mariann Enge, who lives in Oslo.

A jagged bastard of a text, a kind of polyphonic, complex stream of consciousness consisting of a mixture of drunken and serious, acute discussions about the meaning of art and life; biographical facts and fantasies, fiction, essays, quotes, puns and poetic fragments.
It is a text with a strong linguistic and existential drift, which in short is about being “human / being / struggelin” (and thus it is in fact entirely appropriate that this is not a flawless book – maybe it is just fine that it cries out for a few rounds of copyediting and proofreading). (Pictured: From Victor Boullet’s exhibition Saturn the Flamingo at NoPlace. Time is the Assassin was launched at the exhibition opening.)

Which were the best exhibitions, events and publications in 2012? In Kunstkritikks Calendar Kunstkritikks own writers and invited guests summarize the arts year 2012.
The fourth in the series is the artist Stian Gabrielsen, who writes for Kunstkritikk and is one of the driving forces behind the gallery NoPlace in Oslo.

Victor Boullet’s somewhat unusual autobiography: Time is the Assassin, signed by the world’s least known ghost writer, Kristian Skylstad. Not a painstakingly edited text, but that was fine as there were exactly ten days from the idea being conceived until the hundred page book was printed – a piece of performative art writing in terms of quantity, beyond any editorial interference, in other words.

More web Debris

IRON - MiniDV to DVD - 2000
an email from the protagonist.


From: campari@ annafranckinc. com
Subject: H I B Poster
Date: 24 June 2011 17:33:32
To: marius@ antennebooks. com

Dear Marius, Victor Boullet has instructed me to write you from my holiday on Hawaii about this poster. I have no clue what he has done, I gave him a rather large amount of money
for him to invest and start up his genius project Hyena Investment Bank.
All I have received so far is this poster and I think it looks amazing, but what he has done with the rest of the money that I gave him ? So I am not sure what he would like me to write or even tell you other then it looks fantastic and that I hope more will come!


Anna Franck Inc
e. campari @ annafranckinc. com


Part II – Let me introduce myself
by Victor Boullet.

What I write, what I have written has to do with who I am or who I think I am or who I thought I was. What I see has made me think differently about what I thought I saw.
My temperament is what you read, but in fact is just a hypocritical facade for you to indulge in, the reason being, I am a person with four temperaments. You read what you think you need. You read who you would like to be. You read what you thought you read. You read who you are and I am not who you read or what you thought you read. I am me and you are who you think you are so let me introduce myself.

A choleric I am, a doer that is.
Ambition, energy, energy, and passion I have, instil it in others I do, I do.
Dominate people of other temperaments, especially the phlegmatic I can.
So one choleric became me, and that I can say.

For a melancholic like me, poetry, art and world cruelty I do, do like.
Considerate, worried and never on time I am.
A melancholic perfectionist, self-reliant and independent is me; one negative part of the melancholic I, is that I get so involved in what I do, I do, so I forget you, you, you.

The diplomat here is me. Self-content and kind I am, that phlegmatic is I.
Receptive, shy, consistent, relaxed, rational, curious, and observant they say I am. and let's not forget accepting and affectionate I can also be hi hi.

Sanguine , sanguine , sanguine I am. Daydream, social gatherings and, and, and, and making new friends I do, I do. The loud and creative you see, yes, that is me. Alone time is needed for my temperament and you?
Struggle with tasks all the way through I sadly do.
Late that is me chronically.
Forgetful and a tad sarcastic I can be to you.
My friend you always want to be for eternity.

Paris 2010

This is the MS for The ISH project 2009 - 2011, works for me!

– Mission Statement

The Institute of Social Hypocrisy is the Paris based artificial organization that fronts an ongoing collaborative work by the artist Victor Boullet. The Institute of Social Hypocrisy is conducted in the form of a protracted performance piece and its very existence is brought about by inviting participation with others.
Each player and event contributes vital information and connections that allow the Institute to progress.

The ISH provides a perception of authority and thus acts as a Trojan horse; it permits the contributors to covertly infiltrate organizations and to gain access people that they might not normally be able to approach.
The accepted paraphernalia that symbolize an official structure also represent The Institute. Door plaques, headed paper, business cards and a flag combine to present an authoritative façade that conceals the true internal activity.

The fundamental theme recurring in Victor Boullet’s work is that of alienation and acceptance. He highlights the aspects of intrinsically hypocritical social behaviour used to ingratiate oneself with others. This sense of exclusion, and the subsequent desire to put up an illusion of conformity, functions as the point of departure for the activities taking place within the The Institute of Social Hypocrisy

The Institute combines these two connected aspects, of simulated bureaucracy and hypocrisy to form a conceptual umbrella under which a programme of related events can take place. It provides a structure for artists to take control of the programming and direction of their work and to be responsible for the events, installations and publications that occur.

Paris 2008 / 2009

¨As time goes by and I look forward into some sort of a future I have no need to look back at what I have done or achieved. My work has, since my birth, been rooted in hypocrisy, acceptance and exclusion. My work changes as I change as the world changes, I see no need to keep a thread running through the look of my work. I cannot escape myself and that answers all questions. The content, the root will always stay the same regardless of the material, so let nothing fool you into thinking otherwise¨
(Victor Boullet, 2010)

blah blah Boullet, who cares about these quotes?



Henie Onstad Artcenter 2012


Oil on Canvas 2012

Chicken poster Berlin, could be a c-type I guess - more important, the chicken is upside down - idiot!

Tor Hoff - Oslo Oct - 2012

Kronos Launch London June 2012

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“My work is very chic, like a luggage set: the large suitcase, my novels; two medium-sized cases, my Diaryand my plays; the small case, my short stories.” - Witold Gombrowicz to Rita Gombrowicz
Texts that I find somewhere / receive, sometimes I even like them.
More to come here at some point
Destructive character
Anna Franck's little fuck up! She managed to send this email out to a lot of people!
Georges Didi-Huberman's book Invention of Hysteria (pp. 7-8, 2003) (From Theo)